Prepare to go on an amazing adventure packed with great food, delicious wine and a breathtaking view while dining at a 1700's restored barn in Upstate, New York. 

Chef Jim Gop from Heirloom Fire and Madalena Mieczkowska from Magdalena Events are teaming up with sommelier Victoria James of PIORA to curate a very special dinner featuring wines from Domaine La Tour Vieille and Domaine Le Sang des Cailloux.

The four course dinner will take place at Crested Hen Farms, a beautifully restored 1700's barn in the heart of High Falls, New York. Victoria James will host the event and is bringing Christine Campadieu and Serge Férigoule to explain the passion behind the bottles. 

Heirloom Fire will prepare a meal inspired by the coastal regions of France and their lime-rich soils. This is all cooked over hardwood flame with their signature steel ovens and iron cauldrons. 

Magdalena Events will create an atmosphere of warmth and hospitality using things she always loves: vintage, eclectic and never fussy; personalized French Country style in the beginning of fall with the nostalgic longing for more summer.

If you are a guest coming from the great city of New York, your evening will begin at Piora Restaurant.  Here you will catch a ride on a retro school bus that will transport you on a beautiful scenic ride to Crested Hen Farms. The bus will also bring you back at the night's end. 

Want to learn more?  

Hear more from the chef "HERE"

Read the full menu for the evening and purchase your tickets "HERE"  (Tickets include transportation to High Falls, NY and back to NYC from Piora).