Featured:  Lemon Squeeze at Mohonk Mountainhouse

This is a popular jaunt of avid rock scramblers.  The Lemon Squeeze is named after one of its last stretches where you're basically ‘squeezed’ like a lemon to get to the top.  

Difficulty?  8 out of 10.  This amazing hike will put all your muscles in your legs, arms and hands to work gripping, climbing and wiggling your way between rocks.  Be prepared to upscale many ladders stratal'ed between tight crevices and doing some hard rock scrambling plus a 2 mile hike to and from the Lemon Squeeze Hike.  We took the shuttle bus up to save an hour + off our journey (definitely recommended if you're on a time crunch, shuttle is free but be sure to tip your driver).  

At the top there is an amazing view at the lookout tower which looks west over the Ridge.  An unobstructed panoramic view from the top of it all!   

Located off exit 18 (New Paltz) on the NYS Thruway. Cost is $25 per person upon arrival of Mohonk's Mountainhouse base.  

Not up for a hike?  Go horse back riding at Mohonk instead.  You’ll enjoy cool, forested trails and sweeping views from open fields down to the valley below. Ride along their 19th-century carriage roads.


Bonticou Crag 

This hike is part of Mohonk Preseve and it offers a manageable route to the splendid Bonticou Crag.  Parking at Spring Farm Trail Head.  

At nearly 1200 feet, this ridge looms over the surrounding area, with far-reaching westerly views over the Shawangunk Mountains.  There's a little bit of rock scrambling if you choose the more difficult route.  



The D&H canal property was designated a National Historic Landmark in 1968, and locks 16 through 20 were cleared and refurbished (to the extent possible) in 1999. Originally built in 1847, these five locks were part of a new route designed to accommodate increased traffic and larger boats. A loading quay can be seen just past lock 16.  Constructed with Shawangunk conglomerate, an indigenous stone, each lock measures 90’ long, 15’ wide, and 15’ deep, and provides an average change in elevation of 12.6’.

The towpath is approximately one-half mile in length, and can be accessed year-round during daylight hours, without charge. 

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 Hiking the trail  - see maps above

Minnewaska State Park Preserve

Hiking, biking, rock climbing and horseback riding, swimming...

Located in Ulster County, NY Minnewaska State Park Preserve is situated on the dramatic Shawangunk Mountain ridge, which rises more than 2,000 feet above sea level and is surrounded by rugged, rocky
terrain. The park features numerous waterfalls, three crystalline sky lakes, dense hardwood forests, incising sheer cliffs and ledges opening to beautiful views, clear streams cut into valleys, world-class rock climbing.

Photo of map taken from: http://www.lakeminnewaska.org


Split Rock Falls- Mohonk Preserve

Hiking, swimming... 

Part of Mohonk Preserve, this diverse wading area in Coxing Kill is where the creek plunges into a small gorge of solid rock and streams out on the other end into a watering pool.

Take 44/55 to Clove Rd. Keep to the right on this dirt road, over bridges, until you get to the to the Coxing Kill Trailhead and parking area.

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